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Trailblazing: An interview with Xu Zhen

As one of China’s most intriguing and prolific contemporary artists, Xu Zhen has too captured the attention of the international art world. With his fearless approach to creation, Xu’s artistic […]

Portrait of the Collector: an Interview with Dominique and Sylvain Levy

In an exclusive interview for Vantage Magazine, French power collectors Dominique and Sylvain Levy spoke of their extensive collection of Chinese contemporary art, which comprises over 350 works by some of […]

Miao Xiao Chun: an Interview with China’s universe creator

A soft-spoken and pensive man, Miao Xiaochun, pioneer of digital media art in China and professor at Beijing’s CAFA has since 2005 been quietly constructing virtual universes, unlimited in size, […]

Xu Bing and The Book from The Ground: a Language and a Prophecy

Yang Yong Liang: Bearing Witness

Chinese art, despite its ancient roots, still faces erosion in the face of Western contemporary influence. Shanghai based artist Yang Yong Liang’s work is provocative, but his mission is to […]

Jiang Zhi: Profile of an Experimentalist

Jiang Zhi talks to VANTAGE about existence, reality, and the philosophy behind his ‘System Failure’ series.

A Private Affair: The Inauguration of Shanghai’s Yuz Museum

On Saturday the 17th of May, the Yuz Museum, a privately funded venture by earnest Indonesian-Chinese collector Budi Tek opened to crowds of the art world’s elite academics, collectors, journalists, […]

Hong Kong Art Basel: Ink Masters

Chinese painting has become a contentious issue in recent years, with some artists being labelled “the best contemporary Chinese ink artist” by Western media, while others are seen as unaccessably […]

China’s Changing Auction Scene

As the auction scene continues to rise, competition heats up as major auction houses vie for dominance in the lucrative Chinese market.We catch up with Christie’s to find out what […]

Andy’s Mass-Produced Appeal

While most of us have been overexposed to Andy Warhol’s mass-produced pieces, seeing them in person at ’15 Minutes Eternal’ felt like a meaningful reunion. The exhibition, featuring over 400 […]